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55 movies to get you to Christmas – #1


Movie #1 – The Nightmare Before Christmas Image

Halloween has just ended, and the long, tiresome journey to Christmas has thus begun.  What better movie to start out with than a happy mix of the two holidays? Wait, did I say happy? I meant terrifying.

If you haven’t seen this classic film, what is stopping you? It’s a brilliant concept, carried out by talented artists and creative writers.  The idea is that there are different worlds for each major holiday, although we are only shown two (three if you count the Easter Bunny’s brief appearance): Halloween and Christmas.  The protagonist, Jack Skellington, discovers the other holiday worlds, and becomes enamored with Christmas, following the grass-is-always-greener cliche we’re all so familiar with. 

It starts out strong with my favorite song from the film: This Is Halloween.  The songs are all brilliantly written, and further the plot along in a good way, rather than bogging it down.  And if that’s not enough to entice you, the captivating artwork should.

Despite the fact that this is targeted as a children’s movie, it’s actually very terrifying.  From the “sad” side of the mayor, to the child (?) on the leash, to the Kidnap Santa song, (spoiler)to the horrifying death of the BoogeyMan (it’s safe to read again) this movie is the epitome of Halloween.  Ghouls, goblins, monsters, etc., it’s all there, and it’s all made to be anything but adorable.  That being said, the aesthetics of this film are not off-putting (besides, maybe, the duck-faced creator of Sally). 

This movie is a cool interpretation of how people perceive things based on their societal norms and their basic understanding of the world around them.  It’s like those games they used to make us play in school, where a scene is described and someone has to draw it.  Their version of the scene will be different from yours, because everyone goes into the exercise with different perceptions of the world. 

Most underrated characters: Zero (Jack’s dog); the wolf-man who says “364!”; the witch who uses her massive hat as a hearing aid.


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2 thoughts on “55 movies to get you to Christmas – #1

  1. Love this concept! Yay, can’t wait for more!

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