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55 Movies to Get You to Christmas – #2

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Movie #2 – Corpse Bride


When transitioning from Halloween to Christmas, Tim Burton is always a nice choice.  With yesterday’s movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and with today’s movie, the haunting melodies and engaging artwork work excellently together.

Originally, I was really skeptical about watching this film.  To be frank, I thought it would be gross.  I’m still not a fan of anything involving the “un-dead”, but I was pleasantly pleased with Corpse Bride.  It’s not nearly as gross as I thought it would be, and most – if not all – of the jokes involving the Bride, Emily, being dead are in good taste.

I was skeptical going into this movie.  I expected the visionaries behind the film to try to manipulate me into wanting Victor, the protagonist, to end up living happily ever after in the land of the dead.  I expected it to be cliche, and dissatisfying.  I was wrong.

Throughout the film, I felt the struggle for Victor to set things right.  The viewer can see all sides of the story – Victor, wanting everyone to be happy, and wanting to be happy himself; Emily, wanting to finally be at peace; and Victoria, wanting answers, and wanting her own happily ever after.  All have genuine, respectable wants, and all are likeable characters.  My struggle then, as the viewer, was when the characters’ wants conflicted which each other.

This film was a pleasant surprise.  Wonderfully animated, acted, and written, it is worth watching, even though it sits sadly in the shadow of it’s predecessor, The Nightmare Before Christmas.  All in all, I preferred it a lot to Nightmare.

Most Underrated Characters: Victoria – I know, I know, she’s a main character, but she’s awesome; Scraps, Victor’s dead pet dog.

(Sidenote: There’s some really amazing cosplay from this movie, if you’re ever in the mood to google it up.)


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