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55 Movies to Get You to Christmas – #7

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The Phantom Tollbooth


“Expect the unexpected and the unexpected never happens.”

Adapted from the classic children’s book, The Phantom Tollbooth is a smart, entertaining movie that is still enjoyable despite how old the film may be.  It follows a young man named Milo who takes off on an unbelievable adventure, prompted by his disinterest in life.  The Phantom Tollbooth appears to show Milo the beauty of the little things, the importance of learning, and the crime of wasting time.

What makes this film unique:  Before the era of Space Jam and mashing together live action with animation, The Phantom Tollbooth approached the idea by starting the film with live action and moving it to animation.
The witicism in the writing and clever attitude of the characters are not lost moving from book to film.  Those who loved the book will probably enjoy the film just as much, or in my case, like it more.

Most underrated characters: Tock, for being amazing; The Whether Man, for being adorable; Dr. Dischord, for supplying my favorite scene in the film; The Lethargians, for being hilarious.

(Fun fact: this film is almost impossible to find a hard copy of, but it is available on youtube.)



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