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55 Movies to Get You to Christmas – #9


The Amazing Spider-Man

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep.” “But those are the best kind.”

To continue on with Superhero Week, The Amazing Spider-Man is today’s movie choice.  I know, I know, I didn’t choose the one with Tobey McGuire.  When I first found out Andrew Garfield was going to play Spider-Man in the remakes, I was ecstatic.  He is a fantastic actor, and he made me not hate Spider-Man anymore.  That being said, if you want to watch the “original” Spider-Man films with Tobey McGuire, be my guest.

Andrew Garfield plays the part so well, and the writing is phenomenal.  The emotion behind the character is realistic, and when I saw Andrew Garfield express emotion I didn’t feel like I was more macho than Spider-Man (sorry, Tobey just didn’t cut it for me).  The special effects are cheesy at times, but with superhero films, you have to let yourself be taken to another world – despite it being set in modern times and actual places.

Just to put it in perspective for you, I hated Spider-Man.  I thought he was a stupid, lame superhero.  I thought he was annoying, and I thought his spider powers were pointless.  This movie changed my mind about Spider-Man.  This movie portrays him as intelligent, inventive, and showed his personality (I think that credit goes to Andrew Garfield for portraying him in his own way).  He makes his own suit, he has a very high IQ, and he has all the qualities of a normal teenage boy.

What makes this film unique: If you have seen the Tobey McGuire Spider-Man films, I think it’s important for you to give this film a chance.  Personally, I feel like the writing was a step up, the acting certainly was much more impressive, and the lack of Mary Jane was refreshing.

Most underrated characters: The School Librarian, which is arguably one of Stan Lee’s best cameos; Gwen Stacy, for being a capable, coherent, helpful female in a superhero film.


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