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55 Movies to Get You to Christmas – #10

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Captain America


“You gonna be okay?” “Yeah.  Yeah…I just…I had a date.”


Now that Spider-Man has led us full force into the Marvel Nation, we carry on Superhero Week with Captain America.

Captain America, to me, is the most emotion-filled of all the individual Avengers’ movies.    Iron Man 3 introduced an emotional side of Tony Stark that was refreshing, and obviously a certain death in The Avengers was heartbreaking, but none of them compare to the feel at the end of Captain America.

To avoid spoilers, I won’t go on about that.  I just found it to be refreshing.  It inspired  me to feel a more emotional connection to Steve Rogers, than to, say, Thor or Black Widow.  It is hard to not like Steve Rogers as a character: he is kind, sacrificial, and brave.  Normally when genetic mutation is involved you either envy the hero, or pity the victim.  In this case, you will most likely find yourself rooting for Rogers, and wishing you were more like him.  He’s the epitome of a “good guy,” and you, as the viewer, genuinely want the absolute best for him.

What’s unique about this film: To reiterate my point from earlier, the emotion in the movie has a different feel from Thor, Iron Man, or any of the other Marvel films.  Because Steve Rogers is such an honest and well-meaning character, his sadness and misfortune is emphasized by his intentions, and the fact that you know he would never hurt a fly.

Most underrated characters: Peggy Carter.  She is a hardcore female character, and the time period she lives in is not known for emphasizing the bad-assery of women.  She holds her own, but does not lack intelligence or compassion. 

Sidenote: The fact that Chris Evans is essentially a real-life Steve Rogers is one of the best parts about this film.


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