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55 Movies to Get You to Christmas – #13

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Thor: The Dark World

“Trust my rage.”

If there’s one superhero I don’t care about at all, it’s Thor.  I was really surprised at how poorly written this film was.  I went expecting an action movie, sprinkled with comedy and maybe some romance.  In reality, I saw a romance/drama starring a superhero who is no longer involved in any of the comedy, apparently.  The writing was really cheesy, and centered around the romance between Jane and Thor (which I did not care at all about.  In the first Thor movie it was a really good blend of romance with action, but here the romance was overwhelming and unnecessary and didn’t further the plot).  I was really disappointed at how disappointing Thor 2 was, but it seems that Marvel has peaked and is now declining, starting with Iron Man 3 and now Thor 2.  I’m hoping Captain America: The Winder Soldier doesn’t follow this pattern.

If there’s one villain I care too much about, it’s Loki.  Tom Hiddleston stole the show, in my opinion (although, as I keep saying, there wasn’t much of a show to steal).  Tom is a flawless actor, who captures the spirit of Loki with such grace and effortlessness I am always in awe of his abilities.  He is also a quality human being.  Props to Tom Hiddleston for being an excellent actor, and even more excellent person.

Props to: The make up department.  Christopher Eccleston was pretty unrecognizable.  On the other side of things, I was repeatedly smacked in the face by just how gorgeous Natalie Portman looked throughout the entire film.
The costume department.  The Asgardian attire was absolutely gorgeous, and the colors they used complimented the actors and scenery so well.

Most underrated characters: I won’t say Loki, because you all know that I’m thinking Loki.  Heimdall, they really emphasized how awesome and necessary his character is in this film, which I was happy about.  I’ll throw Darcy in there too for providing the necessary comic relief when Loki wasn’t on screen to be oddly hilarious.

ALSO – me during the first few minutes: CHRIS O’DOWD IS IN THIS FILM?!?! CHRIS O’DOWD IS IN THIS FILM!!!
Props to Chris O’Dowd for being in this film and making me happy.


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