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55 Movies to Get You to Christmas #14


The Dark Knight


“I’m not…I’m not crazy.”

    As many of you know, I’ve recently made the switch from Batman to Iron Man for all-time-favorite superhero.  In the movie realm, however, The Dark Knight towers over the Iron Man films.  In my opinion, The Dark Knight is the BEST superhero movie of all time – yes, I mean it’s better than The Avengers (by, about, a million miles).  The Dark Knight features a brilliant soundtrack, an all-star cast, flawless writing, beautiful cinematography and great directing.

Two reasons to watch this film:

1 – Heath Ledger’s Joker.
Heath Ledger grasped the essence of the Joker perfectly.  The level of his performance as The Joker hadn’t been mastered up to this point, and probably won’t be again in that role.  Ledger’s Joker is what sets this Batman film apart from all the other ones.  He completely becomes the Joker, which amazes me as an actor, and delights me as a writer/director.  The viewers definitely weren’t the only people devastated about Ledger’s untimely death in regards to the Batman franchise.

2 – Stunning visuals.
Visually, this movie is gorgeous.  There is a quote from Donnie Darko that says, “Destruction is a form of creation,” and that’s one thing I always appreciated about Christopher Nolan (and the rest of TDK crew/visionaries) – he isn’t afraid to blow stuff up.  A lot of movie makers try to soften action movies by removing the harsh parts.  Nolan does violence with class in these movies.  The scenery and chase scenes – and every part of this film – are gorgeous to watch.  Let’s just take a minute to remember the Joker riding off into the sunset in a police car accompanied by complete silence.  Flawless.

Notable character(s): The Joker; Harvey Dent; Alfred Pennyworth; James Gordon.

Sidenote: Go watch Holy Musical B@man.  DO IT NOW.


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