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55 Movies to Get You to Christmas – #15

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Man of Steel

“The world’s too big, Mom.” “Then make it small.”

We started off Superhero Week with Marvel, and now we’re ending with some good ol’ DC.  Much like Spider-Man, I was not a Superman fan until Man of Steel came out.  Technically, I’m still not a Superman fan when it comes to the character of Superman, but I did enjoy the movie.  
Two reasons to watch this film:

 Henry Cavill.
    I probably shouldn’t write anything about this – BUT I WILL.  Henry Cavill is not only gorgeous, but also a very talented actor.  He suited the role perfectly.  Also, he was not at all bad to look at (especially with that whole lumberjack thing he had going on for a bit).  

 Unexpected take on classic character.
    Most of the Superman movies out there are cliche.  I throw that word around a lot, but when you think of Superman films – old or new – you’ll think of that guy with the big red S on his chest who changes in the phone-booth and is in love with Lois Lane.  Although some of the plot points were unbelievable or unrealistic, it didn’t really matter because a man who flies because of his sun-powers is pretty unrealistic.  
    The film is executed with an unexpected level of grace.  When I first saw the trailer, I thought it was gorgeous.  I was really excited to see a new kind of Superman: a superman that wasn’t for the old-timey fans, but for my generation, and that is exactly what I got.

Sidenote: JENNY.


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