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55 Movies to Get You to Christmas – #31


“See, but… that’s bullshit. That’s what everyone has been telling me since the beginning. “Oh, you’re gonna be okay,” and “Oh, everything’s fine,” and like, it’s not… It makes it worse… that no one will just come out and say it. Like, “hey man, you’re gonna die.”

    Happy December, happy winter, happy cold, happy sad.  December is upon us, and we must brave the cold and fight it off with our hot chocolates, our decorations, and our blankets.  I know from personal experience that if you are feeling down or want to invest your time in some quality talent, Anna Kendrick, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Seth Rogen are a fantastic combination.  Despite today’s movie not being a classic pick-me-upper sort of film, it is really good, and it cuts to the heart of something real and ever-present: cancer.
    50/50 follows the story of ordinary, nice, regular-Joe Adam Lerner, who is diagnosed with spinal cancer.  He finds out his odds at living are 50/50, hence the title.  I felt that Adam’s reaction to being diagnosed with cancer, and Kyle’s reaction to his friend having cancer, were both really authentic and genuine.  I appreciated how realistic it was in the sense that Adam wasn’t all “daisies and roses and everything is fine and dandy” about getting cancer, and Kyle was legitimately confused and freaked out.  It was all very real, or at least as real as it could be.


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2 thoughts on “55 Movies to Get You to Christmas – #31

  1. I agree! It’s a refreshingly realistic film, tapping into genuine emotions because you don’t get the feeling of elaborated fabrication often associated with ‘cancer films’. Good choice.

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