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55 Movies to Get You to Christmas – #42

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The Way Way Back
“It’s called delegation, baby. I read about it in a book about it.”

    If you are sad, if anything is going wrong, if you are even slightly unhappy or apathetic WATCH THIS MOVIE.  This movie made me so, so happy, and it’s such a quality film.  The Way Way Back is at least in my top 5 movies of 2013, if not my #1 movie of the year.  LET ME GIVE YOU SOME REASONS.
    Jim Rash is in it.  Jim Rash directed it.  Jim Rash wrote it.  I think you get the idea.  To be fair, Nat Faxon also wrote and directed it, but I’m a super fan of comedic genius/acting beast Jim Rash (who stars in Community, Thursdays at 8 PM on NBC).  The cast is amazing.  The writing is amazing.  I am in awe of this film.  It’s rare that I watch a movie and am satisfied with almost every piece of it, but I really was.  Liam James was iffy in spots, but honestly I barely noticed.  Sam Rockwell is amazing and has great chemistry with Maya Rudolph.  Steve Carell fully embraced a role that was different from his regular loveable-awkward-older-guy routine.  Everything comes together and leaves you feeling accomplished and hopeful; the perfect ending to a delightfully charming movie.


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