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55 Movies to Get You to Christmas – #43

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“Oh, I’m chasing this guy… No, he’s chasing me.”


    Memento is a classic in my eyes.  I’m always really shocked when people haven’t heard of it, or haven’t bothered to watch it.  It’s one of those films that is so crisp and well made; watching it is a smooth ride, and it’s easy to become invested in the story and characters.  This is the first movie I saw Guy Pearce in, and he never disappoints (even when he is severely limited and stars in movies like Lockout).  This was also my first Christopher Nolan film, and his movies have a certain clean-cut attribute that makes watching them easy somehow.  The way the film plays backward chronologically is so great the first time you see it.  I loved being as clueless as the main character, and trying to solve the same mystery he was so obsessed with.  Polished, crisp, extraordinary.  This is a must-see.


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One thought on “55 Movies to Get You to Christmas – #43

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