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Reading Bingo Update – Books 4&5

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Since we last spoke, I have indeed picked up the pace and continue to speed read my way past my problems! Huzzah!
White Cat (The Curse Workers Book #1) by Holly Black (the first book in a series)
Despite the fact that I found two typos and two things that are not consistent with the framework of the story, I loved this book.  It’s not typical.  It took me to a world I have never imagined, and surprised me happily.  I was shouting things at the main character with my mind, and reading through it with rage, frustration, and anxiousness.  I thoroughly enjoyed book #1 of The Curse Workers, and I’ve already started book #2.  If you like fantasy, you should give this series a shot.

ImageBoy Proof by Cecil Castellucci (a book you heard about online)
Boy Proof was my book that I heard about online.  I saw a vlogbrothers video in which John Green discussed 18 of his favorite non-best-sellers, and Boy Proof was one of them.  The book was a lot different than I’d anticipated based on John Green’s brief description, which was good and bad.  I do think that Cecil Castellucci managed to completely capture how it is to be an irrational, immature, emotional teenage girl who doesn’t quite understand why she does the things she does.  If you’re trying to get into the frustration that is the teenaged-female mind, definitely pick this book up.  It was written very well, and I really enjoyed the second half.

Side note: if anyone has any great YA books that are set in Paris, give me a heads up.

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