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Faith in Humanity #1

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As many of you know, I am not a fan of humans.  Because of this general looming loathing for humanity, when something inspires me to have faith in humanity, I log it away to reflect upon at a later time when I have no more faith left in me.  Today I came across one of those things that made me so happy that I wanted to share it.  I also realize it would be extremely helpful to know about this, so I wanted to share it for that reason, too.

Disneyland and Disney World now have free guidebooks geared for people traveling with people who have cognitive disabilities/sensitivities.  The guidebooks feature what to expect when in each section of the park, and have very specific descriptions or attributes listed for each section of the park.  That is to say, if someone is prone to seizures, it would be helpful for them to know if one ride or area would be triggering for them.


Along with the descriptive section, they also have a FAQ section with helpful insight as to where to go for meltdowns or breaks, the location of family restrooms, how to prepare, and what to bring.  Not everything in this guidebook applies to me personally, but I think it’s super helpful and will use it to prepare myself for when I go to Disney.  Anxiety can be crippling in crowded situations; having this sort of insight into the park layout will be helpful even for that.


Maybe everyone else knew this existed and I’m just the last to know, but I thought this was fantastic and wanted to share it.  Hopefully it gives you just a little bit more faith in humanity too.

(PDFs of the guidebooks:)

Disneyland guidebook
Disney World guidebook

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