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As you could probably tell, I’ve been on a brief writing hiatus.  It wasn’t really intentional; life just sort of happened.  Now that my summer is winding down and I’m getting back into the swing of things, I wanted to revisit my beloved blog for a short update on one of my favorite topics, YA lit.

When it comes to me and my book journey, I’ve currently got at least four books going that I just can’t manage to sit down and finish, so I’m still at the same place in my YA book bingo.

As autumn quickly approaches, there seems to be less time for reading, but I thought I would throw some info out for all the cool kids who like YA lit as much as I do and are looking for some fun fall reads.

USoYA3BooksChangedYourWorld-100Picture 104Enjoy these links and have fun reading 🙂


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