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On the 1st day of Sitcoms…

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After doing some research (aka using Google), I learned that the “twelve days of Christmas” actually begins on Christmas.  For some reason, I always thought the twelve days of Christmas were the twelve days leading up to Christmas – in my opinion, this makes way more sense.  Why would you want twelve days of Christmas AFTER Christmas? Whatever.  Clearly, this has already been decided.  Either way, welcome to the first day of the 12 Days of Sitcom Holiday Specials.

On the first day of sitcoms, the TV gave to me…

Boy Meets World – Santa’s Little Helpers


If there’s one thing the Boy Meets World holiday specials are known for, it’s feels.  So many feels.  Santa’s Little Helpers is no exception; the story follows Eric Matthews playing Santa Claus as he tries to make Christmas happier for a group of orphans.  Eric meets a little boy,  Tommy, who asks him for parents for Christmas (I told you.  Feels.).  Although BMW has a few holiday specials, this one is definitely my favorite.  If Eric isn’t your favorite character on BMW, I don’t understand you.

BONUS: Girl Meets World – Girl Meets Home for the Holidays


Alright, I’m one of the first people to hop aboard the “THIS ISN’T RIGHT THIS ISN’T RIGHT EVERYTHING IS WRONG” train when it comes to Girl Meets World.  HOWEVER, I will say, this episode was not as bad as I thought it would be.  Shawn Hunter (Rider Strong) comes back into the picture, and his interactions with Cory pulled the episode together for me (although I was super disappointed that there was no Feeny or Eric).  To be honest, the only person on the show who doesn’t act very well is the main character (Riley Matthews) which is really unfortunate.  Better casting and they may have had quite a following from people like me who are still suckers for the Boy Meets World marathons on MTV.

Just a side note – somehow Rider Strong managed to get even more attractive.  I genuinely wish there really was a Cory and Shawn show because I would watch that.  I would watch it always.
Tribeca Film Festival 2011 Portrait Studio - Day 6


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