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And finally, the 11th and 12th days of Sitcoms

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On the 11th day of Sitcoms, my TV gave to me…

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia – A Very Sunny Christmas

WARNING: This is a surprisingly violent Christmas episode.  Not really surprising if you are used to watching It’s Always Sunny, but if this is your first time… don’t watch this episode.  Very violent, very full of language.  However, really, really funny.  If you can get past all the negative aspects, this is a brilliant episode.

On the 12th day of Sitcoms, my TV gave to me…

Community – Regional Holiday Music

Raise your hand if you knew the final episode would be a Community episode.  Community always has incredible Christmas episodes, but this one is my favorite.  They completely nail the whole Glee theme and Taran Killam does an incredible job.

BONUS: Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas

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