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On the 2nd day of Sitcoms

I forgot to mention yesterday that these are a list of what I feel are some of the best sitcom holiday episodes, not just any random holiday episodes.  They aren’t really in any specific order, although my favorite will be on the last day.

On the 2nd day of sitcoms, my TV gave to me…

Happy Endings – No-Ho-Ho

In this episode, the group finds out that Jane lied about her birthday being in the summer, and it’s actually on Christmas day.  To be supportive, they decide to postpone Christmas and have Janemas instead.  Sadly, although it is mentioned several times, we never see the full gingerbread Love Actually display.

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On the 1st day of Sitcoms…

After doing some research (aka using Google), I learned that the “twelve days of Christmas” actually begins on Christmas.  For some reason, I always thought the twelve days of Christmas were the twelve days leading up to Christmas – in my opinion, this makes way more sense.  Why would you want twelve days of Christmas AFTER Christmas? Whatever.  Clearly, this has already been decided.  Either way, welcome to the first day of the 12 Days of Sitcom Holiday Specials.

On the first day of sitcoms, the TV gave to me…

Boy Meets World – Santa’s Little Helpers


If there’s one thing the Boy Meets World holiday specials are known for, it’s feels.  So many feels.  Santa’s Little Helpers is no exception; the story follows Eric Matthews playing Santa Claus as he tries to make Christmas happier for a group of orphans.  Eric meets a little boy,  Tommy, who asks him for parents for Christmas (I told you.  Feels.).  Although BMW has a few holiday specials, this one is definitely my favorite.  If Eric isn’t your favorite character on BMW, I don’t understand you.

BONUS: Girl Meets World – Girl Meets Home for the Holidays


Alright, I’m one of the first people to hop aboard the “THIS ISN’T RIGHT THIS ISN’T RIGHT EVERYTHING IS WRONG” train when it comes to Girl Meets World.  HOWEVER, I will say, this episode was not as bad as I thought it would be.  Shawn Hunter (Rider Strong) comes back into the picture, and his interactions with Cory pulled the episode together for me (although I was super disappointed that there was no Feeny or Eric).  To be honest, the only person on the show who doesn’t act very well is the main character (Riley Matthews) which is really unfortunate.  Better casting and they may have had quite a following from people like me who are still suckers for the Boy Meets World marathons on MTV.

Just a side note – somehow Rider Strong managed to get even more attractive.  I genuinely wish there really was a Cory and Shawn show because I would watch that.  I would watch it always.
Tribeca Film Festival 2011 Portrait Studio - Day 6

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Shows that were unjustly canned in 2014

Community (NBC)

Anyone who knows me knows that Community is very important to me.  It is my all-time favorite television show.  If you haven’t seen the show, you should.  It doesn’t talk down to its audience; it is written intelligently and hilariously; the cast is absolutely flawless; the plots are pure genius and the tributes to classics are plentiful (Pulp Fiction; Star Wars; GI Joe; Law & Order – to name a few).  The show follows Jeff Winger as he begins to attend community college and ends up creating a study group with a diverse and unique group of individuals.  Each season is different, keeping with the shows evolution throughout the years (please ignore the gas leak year).  Thankfully, Yahoo! picked up Community, and production has begun on the sixth season.

Surviving Jack (FOX)

My favorite new show of 2014, Surviving Jack featured a powerhouse cast (Christopher Meloni; Rachael Harris), and unique writing set in the 1990’s.  The show featured a unique and comical look at 90s middle-class family life with an attitude similar to The Wonder Years.  Despite having the makings of a quality show, it was cancelled before its brief season ended, leaving one episode that never aired in the U.S.

Rake (FOX)

GREG KINNEAR.  That being said, this show was alright.  It wasn’t the best, but it was compelling enough that I watched it week after week.  Rake was a remake of an Australian show of the same name, featuring a lawyer with a gambling problem, Keegan Deane, as he tries to fix his life by cutting corners, while also being an attorney.  Kinnear was flawless, as per usual.  The supporting cast was fine, the writing was fine, and the plots were interesting.  Overall, I liked it, but it didn’t wow me; I’m assuming that’s why it eventually got cancelled.

Manhattan Love Story (ABC)

Manhattan Love Story featured Jake McDorman, known to many as Evan Chambers from Greek, in one of the main roles, opposite Analeigh Tipton (Crazy Stupid Love).  Another cute love story thrown into the fall lineup (Marry Me; A-Z), this show followed Dana and Peter as they awkwardly got to know each other in – you guessed it, Manhattan.  The show was really cute overall, and I just love Jake McDorman, so I was hooked.  They probably should have made it into a movie instead – much more likely to succeed.  Unfortunately, this show was cancelled after only four episodes.


Anybody outraged by How I Met Your Mother’s catastrophe of a series finale could find some comfort in the idea that Cristin Milioti (who played The Mother on HIMYM) would be featured in her own love story – where she actually mattered – on A-Z.  Unfortunately, NBC did not feel the same way and barely gave Milioti, or her co-stars Ben Feldman, Henry Zebrowski, and Lenora Crichlow (from one of my all time faves Being Human UK), a shot at success.  The comedy was quirky and heartfelt; after a slow launch from basic cute romance into more comedic episodes, the series was discontinued but will still air the remaining episodes.

Selfie (ABC)

While possibly the worst out of all six of these shows (in my opinion), Selfie actually showed a lot of potential in its last episodes.  A modern take on classic Pygmalion/My Fair Lady, the show followed the friendship of Eliza Dooley and Henry Higgs as they tried to better themselves with the help of each other.  Characters developed quickly (possibly too quickly, but I get that they were trying to prove that they could have great plots and chemistry in an attempt to not get cancelled) and the plots were adequately humorous.   Although Karen Gillan was essentially the star of the show, I think John Cho pulled the show together and made it actually funny.  Fortunately, the rest of the series was (or will be) aired on Hulu, as with Manhattan Love Story.

(technically) Parks and Recreation (NBC)

Although Parks and Rec will finish out their final season starting in January of 2015, NBC made the decision for this to be the last season this year, while also pushing it to midseason.  Considering NBC is not doing a very good job of keeping or creating new, quality shows (especially comedies), this was clearly a really bad decision.  Since it was not technically cancelled in 2014, that’s all I will say about it, but I thought this was important to note.

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55 Movies to Get You to Christmas MASTERPOST!
As many of you may remember, last year I did my very ambitious list of movies to get you from Halloween to Christmas while also doing NaNoWriMo.  This year I am doing NaNoWriMo again and since today I am officially taking a sick day I thought I would compile a nice masterpost of all the movies from last year’s 55 Movies to Get You to Christmas in case you want to read any of my individual posts or if you would like to watch an absurd amount of movies between now and Christmas or if you just want ideas for your movie nights.  Anyway, here is the list! Enjoy!

Week One: Creep Week (Halloween-esque movies)
Day One: The Nightmare Before Christmas
Day Two: The Corpse Bride
Day Three: Donnie Darko
Day Four: Alice in Wonderland
Day Five: V for Vendetta
Day Six: Coraline
Day Seven: The Phantom Tollbooth

Week Two: Superhero Week
Day Eight: Scott Pilgrim VS The World
Day Nine: The Amazing Spider-Man
Day Ten: Captain America
Day Eleven: Iron Man
Day Twelve: Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog
Day Thirteen: Thor: The Dark World
Day Fourteen: The Dark Knight
Day Fifteen: Man of Steel

Week Three: 80’s Week
Day Sixteen: Pretty In Pink
Day Seventeen: Say Anything
Day Eighteen: An American Tail
Day Nineteen: Back To The Future
Day Twenty: The Never-Ending Story
Day Twenty-One: The Breakfast Club

Week Four: Ye Olde Week
Day Twenty-Two: Arsenic and Old Lace
Day Twenty-Three: The Awful Truth
Day Twenty-Four: Bringing Up Baby
Day Twenty-Five: My Favorite Wife
Day Twenty-Six: Harvey
Day Twenty-Seven: The Philadelphia Story
Day Twenty-Eight: It’s A Wonderful Life

Week Five: Drama Week
Day Twenty-Nine: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Day Thirty: Perks of Being a Wallflower
Day Thirty-One: 50/50
Day Thirty-Two: The Royal Tenenbaums
Day Thirty-Three: Edward Scissorhands
Day Thirty-Four: Wristcutters: A Love Story
Day Thirty-Five: The Hunger Games

Week Six: Feel Good Week
Day Thirty-Six: Little Miss Sunshine
Day Thirty-Seven: The Invention of Lying
Day Thirty-Eight: The Lorax
Day Thirty-Nine: Bridesmaids
Day Forty: Anchorman
Day Forty-One: Safety Not Guaranteed
Day Forty-Two: The Way Way Back

Week Seven: Action Week
Day Forty-Three: Memento
Day Forty-Four: Catching Fire
Day Forty-Five: Sherlock Holmes
Day Forty-Six: Slumdog Millionaire
Day Forty-Seven: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Day Forty-Eight: Fight Club
Day Forty-Nine: The Butterfly Effect

Week Eight: Miscellaneous Week (aka more Action Week + Romance Week + Christmas Week)
Day Fifty: Now You See Me
Day Fifty-One: The Adjustment Bureau
Day Fifty-Two: 500 Days of Summer
Day Fifty-Three: Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events
Day Fifty-Four: A Christmas Story
Day Fifty-Five: Elf

Let me just say this masterpost was significantly easier and faster to compile than writing all of these posts last year.  I hope you have a good post-Halloween/pre-Christmas/whatever-Holiday-is-your-jam season, and I hope these movies help to get you there!

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Misery loves company (a post about diets)

A lot of people seem to be confused about the Facebook post I wrote about going on a diet; they keep asking me why I’m going on a diet, or what my diet is.  I wanted to write this post to clarify what I mean by “diet” and what the purpose is.

I also want to clarify that it is not my intent when I post food things to get attention.  I realize if you guys are thinking that in the first place, me simply stating that it’s not true isn’t going to change your mind from thinking that about me.  So, oh well.
(But actually that’s a really terrible viewpoint.  People with food allergies/intolerances and/or intestinal/digestive problems cannot help it and go through a LOT with each meal they eat.  I don’t know.  It’s kind of a big deal, and it’s a really frustrating/overwhelming issue to deal with.  Just, be considerate.  Thanks.)

Many of my friends already know that I can’t have a bunch of oils (as it stands: canola, cottonseed, safflower, sunflower and palm/palm kernel), and that I have to avoid random foods too.  It took me a long time to pinpoint which foods were causing me problems, and through a lot of trial and error I managed to get my symptoms (which range from constant nausea to debilitating, stabbing pain) to be less frequent and less intense, but all in all still around.

After researching for myself and also talking to a specialist, we concluded that my intestines were, for lack of a better term, messed up.  Without going into all the details, it’s harder for me to digest things because for most of my life I was eating these foods that messed them up.
(sidenote: fun fact, roughly 70% of your immune system is located in your gut. 
a sidenote on this sidenote: your mental health is related to your digestive health, so things like depression, anxiety, fatigue and irritability could actually be related to your food intake.)


I. Joy, why are you going on a diet?

Well, friend, it’s not the sort of diet you go on to lose weight.  This is how the internet defines the word “diet”:
“a special course of food to which one restricts oneself, either to lose weight or for medical reasons.”

I am not doing this to lose weight, as I felt I explained in my status, but apparently wasn’t clear enough about.  I am going on this “diet” for the purpose of getting healthier.

II.  Joy, what do you eat on this diet?

I am so glad you asked, friend! Most of you probably know that my preferred diet includes little to no meats.  However, this new annoying, sadness diet is mostly meat.  I will eventually be doing the GAPS diet, which is full of sadness (although, slightly less sadness than the intro diet; click here for a list of allowed/not allowed foods on the full GAPS diet), but will hopefully make me 100% Joy instead of 68-75% Joy.  For the first few weeks, I will be doing the Intro diet, which is primarily meat and homemade yogurt.  I can’t have any sugar or fruits or happy things.  I’m going to miss cheese.  Like, a lot.

Also, potatoes.  I will miss potatoes.

And Kit Kats.

III.  Joy, how long will you be on this diet?

I’ll only be on the Intro diet for about two weeks.  The GAPS diet is going to last a lot longer though.  I know I’m planning on being on it at least through the end of the year, possibly continuing through to next year.  I’m really going to miss iced coffees from Dunkin, and Outback quesadillas and SUGAR.

I mentioned in my status that it would be great if you guys could be sensitive and not ask me to come to food-oriented events, but if you want to try out a GAPS approved recipe with me, I have some of those stored away for when I’m getting off the Intro diet! Feel free to share in the sadness; misery loves company.

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Significant things about Anna from Frozen that are hidden in her songs

After Frozen came out, everyone and their mom learned the words to Let it Go either by hearing it overplayed on the radio or over-sung by a local small child.  I, on the other hand, learned the words to the majority of the songs on the Frozen soundtrack so I could belt them out in proper Broadway style on exciting afternoons spent home alone.  As I sang For the First Time in Forever for the thousandth time, some things about Anna hit me that hadn’t occurred to me before.  When I went on to sing Love is an Open Door and related that to the other songs, I realized that there are some things made obvious about Anna that you only really see in her songs.  So, here is a blog post about the things that I’ve discovered.


1.  Do You Wanna Build a Snowman

This song serves the purpose of backstory, as well as a nice we-don’t-want-to-waste-time-watching-them-grow-up-so-let’s-speed-through-it montage.  I didn’t have any “OHHH!” revelations during this song, but I think it’s important, throughout the entire soundtrack, to note how often Anna mentions doors.  It’s a pretty significant factor, and people scoot right by the fact that Anna has been shut in as well as shut out her entire life and knows what the back of a door looks like better than she knows what her own sister looks like.

I’ve also seen some uproar about the idea that Anna wasn’t enraged with her sister for shutting her out and I have a couple responses to that.

A.  She grew up with it.  Her parents normalized Elsa being locked away, and since Anna was a young child she’s seen her sister’s bedroom door shut.  She has faint memories from before that, but honestly, that would’ve been blurred as she grew older.

B.  Anna doesn’t hold grudges.  Ever.  It’s not so much that she’s stupid or naive or forgiving, she’s just not that kind of person.  She’s aware that it takes up too much energy to be that angry all the time (note: Elsa and her fear/anger at her self).

Anna has no reason to be angry at Elsa.  Elsa was locked away by her parents and after they die, Elsa continues to be locked away.  Nothing changes.  There’s no reason for Anna to suddenly hold this against her after they die.  Elsa hasn’t been there for Anna ever, so Anna has no reason to hold it against her.  It’s just the way her life has been.


2.  For the First Time in Forever

This song is the most important in understanding Anna’s character.  There are a lot of obvious lines that backup what Anna has gone through.  Somehow I missed a lot of the substance of this song the first few times I heard it.  This song is the main reason for this blog post, though, so let’s go through it piece by piece.

The first indicator that Anna has led a quiet, lonely life is the line “There’ll be actual real live people, it’ll be totally strange!”  Anna has hypothetically had maids and servants and other people to socialize with, but she’s had zero people her age and no family since her parents died.  We don’t know how involved her parents were before they died, but it’s safe to assume they were pretty preoccupied with running a kingdom and trying to figure out what to do with their ice-spitting daughter.  This is the first real event happening in Anna’s life; the first time she’ll be around people her age (for the first time in forever I won’t be alone), and although she could socialize with servants/workers, it wouldn’t have been looked upon positively considering her status.  And she obviously could never marry any of them, which brings me to the next point.

This is Anna’s first opportunity to socialize, yes, but it’s also her first chance EVER IN HER WHOLE LIFE of finding someone to possibly love (I know it’s totally crazy to dream I’d find romance, but for the first time in forever at least I’ve got a chance).  I know most everyone loved the realistic take Disney took on the barely-know-you-let’s-get-married engagement between Hans and Anna.  Elsa and Kristoff (who is, by the way, the most reasonable person in the entire film) were shocked and pretty appalled at her naivety and eagerness.  The thing I wish more people realized before laughing off Anna’s enthusiasm and determination in marrying Hans is that she – again – has had zero time to socialize with anyone her age, let alone anyone who would be eligible to marry her.  She’s never even had a friend besides Elsa when she was young (then we’ll laugh and talk all evening, which is totally bizarre, nothing like the life I’ve led so far) and the engagement to Hans actually makes perfect sense when you consider the idea that Anna knows their heritage needs to continue in order for them to maintain control of the kingdom and Elsa is clearly not ever coming out of that room, PLUS Anna is lonely.  She’s super duper lonely and has been her ENTIRE LIFE.  She wants friends.  She wants human contact.  She wants someone to smile at her.  This is legitimately the only time she can ever – EVER – foresee being around anyone at all, so her engagement makes PERFECT SENSE because when would she have the opportunity to find anyone to marry ever again? She clearly doesn’t get invited to balls, and they’ve never even had a ball ever in the eighteen or so years she’s been alive, or at least the thirteen since her memory was messed with.  The point is, this is her only hope at making any friends or life-long companions of any kind so it was actually kind of perfect the way it worked out (I know it all ends tomorrow, so it has to be today), if you ignore the fact that Hans is a complete narcissist with terrible intentions.


3.  Love is an Open Door

If the reality of what this song title means from Anna’s perspective (as well as Elsa’s) doesn’t punch you in the metaphorical gut, then I don’t understand you.

Hans says, “But with you I’ve found my place,” (probably referencing the jerk move he would later make in the film), but Anna says “But with you I see your face,” which to me originally sounded like a really dumb line meant solely to rhyme.  When I thought about it, I realized the significance a simple acknowledgement from someone Anna cares about would mean.  Elsa has been hiding herself from Anna the entire film to protect her, which Anna obviously isn’t aware of.  But the idea that to her love is an open door is bizarre considering the only love she’s ever known has been a closed door.  To her, Elsa being hidden away is like a wall in their relationship (haha.  it’s literally a wall though.) but to Elsa love is a closed door.  Elsa is showing Anna she cares about her more than herself by locking herself behind a door, but nobody bothered to tell that to Anna.

Later on during the First Time in Forever reprise, we see Anna demonstrate her mindset of love being an open door by inviting Elsa to come back with her.  Love, to Anna, is working through things together – which is probably what her parents taught her.  Love, to Elsa, is keeping your problems and mess away from everyone else – which is exactly what her parents taught her.

Essentially, anything bad that happens in this movie can be chalked up to the King and Queen of Arendelle being really horrible parents.  They abused Elsa, they ignored and isolated both of their children, and they elaborately and deliberately lied to Anna.  The fact that Anna has a skewed idea of what love is is the mildest form of damage that could come out of parenting this bad.

I think it’s safe to say I’m not alone in this theory:




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Reading bingo: books 13-16



Uglies by Scott Westerfeld (a book set in the future)

I completely forgot to write anything about this book.  My bad.  I did not really enjoy this book.  It was way too long and too dry and too ugh.  The main character went from being annoying to being tolerable to making bad choices and being annoying again.  I don’t like being significantly smarter than everyone in a book.  It just means I can predict every piece of the story and I just read a book about people making really bad choices.  I didn’t really learn anything or enjoy much of this book.  I had to push myself to finish it.  Unpleasant.  I won’t be finishing the series.

h2g2-01 copy

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams (a book set in another world)

This book was on my mental to-read list for a while, probably since college.  Most of my friends had read in and spoke highly of it, and I really liked the movie.  I’d been putting it off for a while and then I saw it at the library (along with the next book on this list) and thought I’d take the plunge.  It was pretty good, overall, which I expected.  It dragged on a bit toward the end – got a bit mathy.  I’m a fan of sci-fi, but I am not a fan of actual science.  So I understand that is a personal issue and don’t hold it against Douglas Adams or this book.


Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews (a book with a break up)

Clearly I am running out of squares.  I’m going to have to be more selective about the books I read in order to try to fill this dang card up.  This was a stretch, considering the break up was tiny and irrelevant, but STILL A BREAK UP.  This book is written in such a fun way; Jesse Andrews has a really unique, self-deprecating style that I actually enjoyed.  He walks the fine line being so complain-y and self loathsome that he’s annoying, but manages to keep it readable and entertaining rather than obnoxious.  I can’t wait to see what else he ends up writing.
(sidenote: what a phenomenal book cover)


Landline by Rainbow Rowell (a book that made you cry)

I’m lucky this book made me tear up, otherwise I would’ve had no where to put it on this card.  You all know how I’ve had mixed feelings about Rowell: first being completely smitten with her (Fangirl) and then being severely disappointed and bored (Eleanor & Park).  Landline brought me right back to where I was after Fangirl – sonce again I am quite a fan of Rowell and I would like her to write my life into a love story.  Her novels are clearly my outlet for my hopeless romanticism.  I hope she spits out another one soon so I can engulf myself in it (or I’ll probably just go read Attachments…).  Definitely A+ work, especially for the upper end of the YA age bracket (again, sort of a stretch, but I’m counting it as YA since it’s by Rowell who is clasically a YA writer); I don’t tend to enjoy books about older people (cough people my age cough) but I really liked this, despite some lack of relatability.

ALSO, I officially got BINGO upon finishing Hitchhiker’s Guide.  So congratulations to ME.

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Lesser Known Love Story Films

Sometimes I get motivated to watch an absurd amount of movies.  This happened to me a couple weeks ago, and I managed a pretty good run from Beasts of the Southern Wild to The Big Ask.  Shortly after I watched the movie that is #1 on this list, I saw a commercial for an extremely cheesy RomCom and had a revelation.  There are so many fantastic and realistic movies about love out there, why are people watching Blended and How Do You Know over and over when they can watch movies of the 500 Days of Summer/Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind variety? Maybe part of it is that people watch movies to drown their realistic worlds in fantastical Barrymore/Sandler slapstick romance, but I think a big part of it – for people like me, anyway – is that they haven’t heard of them.  And while I appreciate Sweet Home Alabama just as much as the next hopeless romantic, this list is for those of you in the mood for something more unexpected and unusual.

(honorable mention) That Awkward Moment
On the more cliche/typical side of romance movies, That Awkward Moment is still refreshing and different in its own way.

Reasons it was almost on this list: The Com aspect of this Rom Com is definitely stronger than the Rom, which is the reason I enjoyed it so much.  Also, it never hurts to throw Zac Efron into the picture – especially when the picture is not a High School Musical.

Wristcutters: A Love Story

“His headlights were broken for ages, and she fixed them just by touching a button.”

This movie is about two people who find each other and end up caring despite the overwhelming atmosphere of apathy and complacency around them.  

Reasons it’s on this list: The symbolism alone is so fantastic.  The feel of the movie is not romantic, which I guess is part of what makes this “love story” appealing to me.  It is labeled a love story, but it does not resemble one until it is one.

Caution (TW): There is a lot of shown suicide in this movie, and while it isn’t entirely graphic, it is definitely present.  If that is something you need to stay away from, do not see this movie.
(a link to my 55 Movies to Get You to Christmas post on this movie)

 Celeste and Jesse Forever
“I don’t know what the rules are and I’m sure I’m breaking them but… I really miss you.”

Normally, love story movies build up to a marriage.  That’s how you knew a play was a comedy back in ye olde times – it ended in a wedding.  This one starts out with a wedding.  Unexpected.

Reasons it’s on this list: A story about love can still be considered a love story, even if it doesn’t quite go how you expect; The love is the important part.

Blue Valentine
“She just seems different, you know? I don’t know, I just got a feeling about her. You know when a song comes on and you just gotta dance?”

This movie isn’t lighthearted or fun.  If you want a movie that will give you hope, this isn’t it.  It will, however, deliver gut wrenching performances by Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling and allow you to watch a love story from beginning to end.

Reasons it’s on this list: This is one of the most realistic love stories I believe I’ve ever seen.  It’s brutal.  It’s human.  It’s unhappy.  I love that it’s unhappy.  I love that it shows that sometimes what we think is love is unhappy and ugly.  I love the rawness of this movie.

About Time
About Time

“Lesson Number One: All the time traveling in the world can’t make someone love you.”

Well rounded.  This movie is well rounded.  It hits all the bases, has loads of ups and downs and twists and turns and leaves you feeling like you don’t regret the last two hours of your life.  Also, time travel.

Reasons it’s on this list: The thing about making a list of “love story movies” as opposed to a list of “romantic comedies” is that you can change that to mean whatever you want.  Love between two lovers, or love between a family or whatever.  You can love anyone or anything, and that is not limited to romantic love.  Calm down.  This movie has romantic love too.  But the love between family members is what really impacted me from this movie.

Stuck in Love
“I remember that it hurt. Looking at her hurt.”

A movie about love and writers, with the theme of writing about experiences hovering over everything, starring Logan Lerman, Kristen Bell and Greg Kinnear.  What is not to like?

Reasons it’s on this list:  Realism meets happy ending.  Boom.  There you go.

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it’s been a while

As you could probably tell, I’ve been on a brief writing hiatus.  It wasn’t really intentional; life just sort of happened.  Now that my summer is winding down and I’m getting back into the swing of things, I wanted to revisit my beloved blog for a short update on one of my favorite topics, YA lit.

When it comes to me and my book journey, I’ve currently got at least four books going that I just can’t manage to sit down and finish, so I’m still at the same place in my YA book bingo.

As autumn quickly approaches, there seems to be less time for reading, but I thought I would throw some info out for all the cool kids who like YA lit as much as I do and are looking for some fun fall reads.

USoYA3BooksChangedYourWorld-100Picture 104Enjoy these links and have fun reading 🙂

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On Wednesdays we wear pink.

In honor of the 10 year anniversary of Mean Girls, here is a list of eight girly movies you should probably see before you die.

1. Mean Girls

Mean girls is highly underrated.  As frequently quoted as it is, a lot of the more meaningful quotes are overlooked.  As light and fluffy as this movie seems on the surface, it has some great messages.



2. Bridesmaids


Bridesmaids is one of the funniest movies to date; the cast is full of hilarious, talented women.  If you’ve read my 55 Movies series, you’ll know I have only fantastic things to say about this film.
This speech given by Megan (Melissa McCarthy) is so motivating and fantastic.

3. Friends With Benefits

I was actually surprised at how good this movie was, and although it does fall into more of the Chick Flick category, Mila Kunis’ character’s journey through the movie is pretty realistic compared to other modern Chick Flicks which present women as marriage-craving-baby-wanting-timebombs.

4. She’s The Man

When it comes to adapted Shakespearean works in modern settings, She’s The Man takes the cake.  Twelfth Night is already my favorite Shakespeare play, so maybe I’m biased, but this film is good stuff.


5. 13 Going On 30


One of those cheesy movies that puts friendships and true success into perspective.

6. Enchanted

This movie is a fantastic Disney film which pokes fun at classic Disney cliches and Chick Flicks while maintaining a great plot, great character development, and great writing.  While keeping with classic Disney themes, Enchanted puts a modern twist on happily ever after.

7. Win A Date With Tad Hamilton

Okay, this is definitely a Chick Flick, BUT if you haven’t seen it yet, you need to, just so you can walk away wondering who knows how many smiles you secretly have.


8. Legally Blonde

Finally, if you want a movie to pump you up about being a lady (or just ladies in general), look no further.  Elle Woods’ success in this movie is an adorable underdog story but also light and fun along the way.

Honorable mentions:
Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

John Tucker Must Die

(note: i tried to include non-romantic movies, so this isn’t so much a chick flick list as a list of girly-ish movies.)