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Marvel: Sexism or Sarcasm?

Recently I’ve seen a lot of explosion over the Evans/Renner interview*, and I was trying not to get involved.  I think I’ve made it sufficiently clear that Chris Evans is my dream man, and honestly, I didn’t want anything to tarnish that.  After seeing the headline on several Facebook visits, I finally caved and read the article.  It basically said that Renner and Evans were sexist and saying horrible things about Scarlett Johansson’s character.  This seemed incredibly out of character based on other interviews.

Because the article struck me as odd, I watched the interview.  My conclusion? Straight up sarcasm.  The interviewer’s question was stupid; they responded in kind.  Granted, they could’ve selected better language, but the intent really wasn’t how it was perceived.  They obviously didn’t mean what they were saying and I, as a female, was not offended by it, nor did I view it as sexism.  Their apologies, which were issued shortly after this whole debacle, also back up the fact that they weren’t meant seriously, which might not be considered a quality excuse to a lot of fans, but there are things to be offended by and there are things to let go.  This is something to let go.

I, in no way, claim to be the spokesperson for all females and I know this sort of thing is up to interpretation.  I just think it’s sad that people who have been known to be so blatantly irritated by sexism in interviews are getting such grief for something so small.  

This is obviously my personal opinion, and I have no intention of getting into a debate with anyone about what is or is not sexism.  In the grand scheme of superhero things, this is not a big deal.  There are far worse sexist superhero happenings to get upset about.

(While we’re here, I just want to add that if I were RDJr, I also would’ve walked out of that interview.  That was absurd.)

*Renner’s negative attitude toward the prosthetic leg isn’t okay, but I didn’t want to focus on anything but how they were viewed as sexist.