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Bad shows, good actors.

This round of “Why do bad shows happen to good actors?” is focused on 2 Broke Girls’ Kat Dennings.


2 Broke Girls started out alright, and has seemed to bottom out somewhere in the category of “pretty lame with 1-2 laughable moments per episode.”  Clearly, people still watch and enjoy this show because their ratings are still high.  I find it irritating that shows with horrible writing and acting manage steady, high ratings, while brilliant shows with genius writing get cancelled or pushed to mid-season (note: Arrested Development; Community).

Personal issues aside, 2 Broke Girls lost its spark.  It gained a new spark with the addition of actor Eric Andre; his chemistry with Kat is fantastic and that pulled the show up a notch, in my opinion.  Kat Dennings is the real selling point here, though.  Her comedy is unique and her delivery conveys her confidence and comfort with who she is.  When gauging her acting and comedy abilities, it’s better to check out the Thor films (especially Thor 2; in my opinion, she was the best part, besides Tom Hiddleston).  To be fair, she has little to work with on this show (writing, acting, storylines, you name it), which makes her shine even more.  With the unexplainable success of this show, Kat Dennings seems to be hurling toward a very successful career while maintaining her uniqueness and individuality.