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55 Movies to Get You to Christmas – #25

My Favorite Wife
“Impulsive!? He’s full of…carrots.”


    Whenever I’m having a really horrible life and I need a movie that makes me laugh and feel better about everything, I go find the nearest VHS player and pop in My Favorite Wife.  This movie features one of my favorite actresses from that time, Irene Dunne, who was also in The Awful Truth.  This is my favorite character that I’ve seen her play.
    The film follows Dunne’s character, Ellen, who just returned from being shipwrecked on an island.  Her family thinks she’s dead, and her husband has just remarried.  As you can imagine, craziness ensues.  It was nominated for three academy awards: Best Story, Best Score and Best Art Direction. 

Most underrated character: Judge Walter Bryson who delivers some of the best lines of the film in the most hilarious way.  For having a very minor role, he is very memorable.