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Who I am (not an essay)

As part of an application process, I wrote a very extensive essay (it’s not an essay.  I can’t think of a word for whatever it is, though) about who I am and why I was interested in the position.  I wasn’t able to get this to them because of an issue with their contact information, so I’ll never know if I would’ve gotten the job or not.  In an effort to justify the time and energy spent on this, I thought I’d share it with you.  Everything included was requested by them in their job posting.

Who I am:
Over the course of my life, Iʼve been conditioned to answer this question with my
name, age, credentials and location on a map.  None of those things really give anyone
insight to who I am; what defines a person is what theyʼre passionate about.  So as not
to bore you with endless paragraphs detailing my love of green tea, ducks and various
British television programs, Iʼll limit myself to the basics.

Humor is more important than people think.  I canʼt imagine a life without the
freedom to laugh.  Life is full of incredibly awkward moments; without humor, I donʼt
know how I would navigate through the oceans of discomfort that come with some
social interactions.

Individuality and self expression are two things Iʼve become very passionate
about.  Because so many people were telling me who and how to be, I didnʼt know how
to share my thoughts or be myself for a long time.  Once I learned that the things that
make me unique and weird, also made me worthwhile and different, my perspective
changed.  I stopped trying to be a chameleon, trying to blend into my peers and be just
like everyone else, and started being awkward, funny, and real.  Even if I fail at
everything else in my life, Iʼve mastered the art of being Joy.

Why Iʼm interested in this opportunity:
Everyone I come in contact with seems to have the same question burning in
their mouths: What are you going to do with your life? Obviously I canʼt claim to have
the next thirty years of my life planned out, but I know that I want writing to be a part of
it.  There are hundreds of secretarial jobs advertised with mundane duties in unpleasant
atmospheres.  This is one of the few job listings Iʼve seen that Iʼve been excited about,
and probably the only one that has actually made me think.

I am interested in this opportunity because I absolutely love proof reading,
editing, creative writing, and blogging.  After reading the post, I felt like this was
something I would love being involved in every day and want to stay with, and work
hard at doing.

Three Strengths
I was tempted to fix the grammatical and punctuational errors in your post, but
As I mentioned earlier, grammar, punctuation – everything involved in the editing
process is a big passion of mine.  When I read through a book and suddenly come
across a typo, or an unnecessary comma, I get so giddy.  Itʼs like discovering a hidden
treasure, except without any actual tangible prize or reward.

Iʼm like a Liz Lemon/Katniss Everdeen hybrid:
Please donʼt interpret this as me claiming to be capable of winning the Hunger
Games, or even being capable of camping by myself.  I am analytical when I need to
be, but still creative.  I think outside the box, and I keep humor with me like a trusty

I donʼt like Spongebob Squarepants and I canʼt walk in high heels:
From a young age I realized I wasnʼt typical.  Iʼm not a “cookie-cutter” person,
that is to say, I donʼt really fit in a mold.  It took a long time for me to find where I fit, and
writing was a huge part of that.  The internet world is so different from the “real” world.  I
understand the internet a lot more than I understand the need for award shows or the
people I interact with at WalMart.  I genuinely hope the fact that I donʼt like Spongebob
doesnʼt keep you from considering my application.

On October 29th I decided it would be a good idea to create a blog and start a
countdown series of movies lasting from the first of November until Christmas.  The
same day I started that blog, I also started on my first NaNoWriMo (National Novel
Writing Month) journey.  The result of my two projects colliding was an intense amount
of writing that I both loved and hated.  Outside of professional-style blogging, I am
casually active on Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube and Facebook.

My resume is attached, but I wanted to make sure I covered everything you
asked me to cover.  Two things iʼve discovered while in college and working are that I
want to help people, and I love writing.  I have yet to discover a way that I can make
money doing both of those things, so for now, I do them for free as best I can.

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